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Welcome to our site, which is dedicated to serving recovering addicts. Though our site should not be construed as being in any way endorsed by any 12-Step group in particular, we endeavor to carry the message of recovery as outlined in the Big Book’s twelve steps.


This site has two primary missions:

  • To help anyone be able to find a Big Book All Addictions meeting in Florida using our up-to-date listing of a Hyannis-style BBSS meetings. We have included on this page a Brief History of BBSS.
  • In the future we plan to give access to recorded speakers addressing the twelve steps in the 15-week rotation used in our meetings.


In the mid 1980s, five members of Alcoholics Anonymous started the first Big Book Step Study group in Hyannis, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. Big Book Step Study is both a particular style of A.A. meeting as well as a philosophy about working AA’s Twelve Steps precisely as they are laid out there. Click the “About BBSS” tab to read how a longtime BBSS member describes the qualifications and responsibilities of the chairperson and speaker, who are qualified to share, and details regarding the meeting format. Big Book Step Study meetings are usually 90 minutes long.